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Brett Ottley

At Cantilever Inspection, our Vision is to provide you with quality inspection services. It is our Mission to deliver actionable information to all of our clients to ensure you have the knowledge to make an informed decision when buying a property. We do this by using the latest in inspection technology paired with our actual construction experience to back it up.

Brett has over a decade of experience as a Project Manager for a large local construction company and has experience in both residential and commercial construction practices. In addition, he has his Class A General Contractors License, which allows him to be licensed in nearly any county & municipality in the State of Kansas. You can rest assured that we have the expertise to Inspect Once, Inspect Right!

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A residential home inspection is often seen as a “rubber stamp” during the buying process. However, an improper home inspection can leave you with unplanned costs. Let us give everything a good look to help ensure you know what expenses may be on the horizon.



A small oversight on a commercial project can quickly turn to tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs. A Property Condition Assessment with Cantilever Inspection gives you a third-party review to ensure everything has been properly assessed and accounted for.


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